Wheel Unbroken Era

Concept: 10,000 years before present. Savage age of myth. "Stealing fire from the gods". Humanity as a race doomed to be eclipsed and fade.

Technology: Advanced stone age / nascent bronze age. Bronze weapons are essentially magic, and a key equaliser between dryads and the other races.

Magic: Not advanced or disciplined, the academic discipline it will become; primal, indirect, poorly understood. Another kind of religion, effective superstitious rituals rather than spells. Witches are different from and often opposed by shamans/priests, because they challenge theocratic authority. Religion is site bound, practiced by an indoctrinated elite following a group agenda or allied to secular power; magic is, in principle, available to anyone with the knowledge.

  • Rites: Patterns of behaviour that trigger patterns of effect in the world. Rain dances, etc.
  • Oaths & Taboos: Mystical bargains to engage or refrain from something in order to gain benefit.
  • Fetishes: Wear parts of things to claim their signature strengths.
  • Law of Contagion: Action creates connection; connection creates action.


  • Dryads: With their natural abilities, the most fearsome and predatory race. Barely any technology at all, but a sophisticated culture.
  • Dwarves: Carving the first mountain pass cities. Not yet philosophical - warlike and fractious.
  • Elves: Mostly on foot, unable to build ma'janah larger than canoes or coracles.
  • Goblins: Tribal, hunter-gatherers, loincloths and wooden spears. Rich spirituality, magic and culture.
  • Orcs: Learning how to farm and break animals to their will.
  • Humans: Gods not yet mad and malign, but still fairly inimical as they are incarnated fears. Lurking in caves, building their ziggurats, stealing secrets from the other races. The victims of Zenth - are they pathetic or sympathetic victims? Are they allowed a moment of dignity before extinction?