Traq Basin

Once a well-watered lowland, the Traq Basin is now a region of dry, eroded valleys, scraggly woods, caves and mines. The limestone geology is riddled with natural passages and is relatively easy to dig, giving good access to the wealth of metals and minerals washed down from the Daaland Mountains over millennia; iron and nickel, tin and copper, chromium and even a little gold. Both the dwarves and orcs crave these resources and battles have been fought between the orcish frontier towns and the dwarven outposts in the foothills.


House Qerdshabbaq: Running the town of Qerdshab, this house uses its control of the River Traqar and the roads to strangle House Tarva's access to the markets.
House Tarva: Based in Tarvagot, this house is willing to hire dwarven expert miners and metallurgists, allowing it to find the richest deposits and produce the highest-quality metals.
sponsored mining castes
dwarven mining guild


Voyaq, Qershab, Ghemara, Tarvagot, 'Oondrin, Piribaat, Marvaat.

Places of Note

Hall of Eternal Traps, Steelwomb Mine, Petran Karsts