The Padishar Empire's southernmost holding, Sutharad is a military port, a garrison, a whaling town and a launch point for expeditions. Whalers prowl the ocean, harpooning mighty beasts and dragging them aboard to be tapped for their oil and butchered for their meat and blubber; the oil is shipped back to the heartlands, where it lights the lamps and makes the cosmetics of the wealthy, while salted whalemeat has become a staple ration for imperial troops in the Chalnfens and Clashlands. These whaling ships and the cargo vessels that ply [[halashans sea |Hal'Ashan's Sea]]] north and south are frequent targets for pirates, so the greater part of the orcish fleet is based in Sutharad to guard the sea lanes. Scouting parties and independent explorers use Sutharad as a base and supply point as they chart the hostile south-western coast between the city and the Southern Horn, and look for passes across the lower reaches of Tombe's Ascent as orcish generals ponder adding the lands around the Bay of Terror to their domain.

When orcs first crossed the low mountains that separate the Medraphayrus valley from the coast, they discovered the shoreline was dotted with massive skeletons and the carcasses of beached whales. The earliest settlements here used these as their base, constructing long oval tents from the ribcages of leviathans with leather stretched over them. Although newer buildings are made of stone, the older style remains common and influential. Unbeknownst to most, there is a reason so many whales swim the waters around Sutharad and perish on its beaches: in a sea cave below the city lies an ancient human artifact, the Whalecaller Stone, or the Pearl of Deep Songs. This enchanted globe creates an emanation that irresistibly draws whales from across thousands of miles, making the seas nearby constantly churn with their mighty bodies.


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