Scyntium (SIN-tee-um) is crystallised magic. In the form of a stone with an opalescent sheen, a fiery brilliance and found in every colour of the Nebula, it rains down on the world once per year in small quantities, when the planet passes through a meteor shower. The date is calculable (and is marked by celebrations on most calendars), but where the precious gems fall is less so, depending on which side of the planet is dark, its spin, the colour and pattern of the Nebula, and many other factors.

Treasured by sorcerers for the dense, pure mana they contain (the type varying by hue), scyntium crystals are sought after as batteries, foci, anchors for enchantments placed on items, and for their sheer value.

Explanation: Scyntium fills the role of lyrium from Dragon Age, diarum from Tehrasa and the like. A magic-enhancing gem for sorcerers to squabble over, and a way of marking something as shiny! / magical! / important! by putting it in the campaign.