On the shores of the shallow Lake Chalke, Pitqeylon is a quiet settlement, with only a single major road in or out. Despite being well populated, thanks to the extensive orange, tangelo, lemon and apple groves of the region, and its clement climes and pleasant vistas, Pitqeylon sees few travellers and remains (for the most part) sheltered from the intrigues of the Clashing Flats to the north. But soldiers from the mighty fortress of Sixtytables often come here for their yearly leave, to spend their pay wiling away rowdy nights in the alehouses and hostels of the warrior's quarter.


Orcish settlement in the Clashlands is certainly not as historic as it is in the heart of the continent, but even amongst the settlements of the Clashing Flats, Pitqeylon is relatively young. Founded as a resort-town for officers based at Sixtytables, the village was built with appearances in mind, and the fa├žades of the settlement proper are beautiful examples of the imposing height of Imperial architecture and design. Vistas over the lake are exploited to the hilt, and pleasant grape and olive groves, as well as expansive indoor and outdoor public baths are comfortable and in good repair.

But the importance of Pitqeylon has shifted in recent generations, because the rich banks of Lake Chalke have provided bounty enough to feed half the armies of the south with some to spare. Powerful merchant houses moved in and the settlement grew, unseating the Imperial writ that promised House Quzmet exclusive right to the territory. Recently several surrounding villages have appeared in the increasingly cultivated lands surrounding the town, and slaves were brought in from the Chalnfens to work the fields, and the town became not just a place for escape as reward for loyal service, but also one of the most important producers of wine and foodstuffs in the entire region.


location, landform, districts


government, power structures, sources of power, laws and justice, crime and punishment, military and defence


predominantly foodstuffs and wine


etiquette and customs, arts and entertainment, diet, fashion and sumptuary laws, religion


The town and its surrounds are divided predominantly between three major mercantile households: House Sharm, House Quzmet, and House Zaqar. Each of these are influential, and wealthy within their own sphere, but only House Zaqar, distant cousins of House Oqantar, have any real influence or note outside of the Lake Chalke region. Each of the houses vies against the others incessantly for the various and lucrative military contracts to feed and supply the garrison at Sixtytables, and the only thing that unites them is the incursion of an outside house - which they quickly unite to crush as a rule. Slave-hungry, each strives to produce better goods at a lower cost than its competitors, no matter the cost, because the prestige of a contract for an imperial garrison of such size and note easily outweighs the actual profit to be had. Thanks to some animosity between the Satrap-General of Aqamenad and the garrison commander of Sixtytables, House Zaqar's advantage is somewhat quashed of late, and the three houses are on a roughly level playing field.

Of course, the garrison itself, scarcely a couple of days' march north is what truly dominates the region. None would dare cross this massive, and seasoned orcish fortress and its denizens. While many think of the Clash as a settled, conquered land, they could not be more wrong. And the garrisons here face minor uprisings, outlaw armies, and escort missions through the dread Chalnfens on a regular basis, and seasoned, blooded veterans are common amongst their ranks. And within the garrison no warriors are more feared than the stoic Lead Brotherhood - an exclusive warrior lodge within the garrison that invites only the finest warriors to join its number, and partake in its secret rituals. Many commanders fear the growing influence of the Brotherhood, though most dare not make a move against known members for fear of just how high their membership might extend.

Characters of Note

Taram Glaq The current Imperial Factor of Pitqeylon arrived recently from Aqamenad, and is determined to prove his value.
Qildun Sharm The patron of House Sharm is as slippery as an eel, and shamelessly courts Glaq's good graces.
Gaya Quzmet In the absence of her husband Haqoam, Gaya has taken the reigns of the House.
Atahn Zaqar House Zaqar's patron has found himself on the back foot as all of his former political connections dissolve.
Vazaq Sa'alam The deranged ranking priest of the Imperial Pantheon.