Names And Languages

Some initial ideas as to the linguistic tone of each race:

One language, carefully recorded and maintained by monks to help facilitate the spread of ideas.

Basin Orcish, the common tongue of the Padishar Empire, spread by cultural hegemony and force.
The Thousand Tongue, diverse but pretty much inter-comprehensible languages of the Medraphayrus Valley city-states and

One language, gleefully pirating words and grammar from other races as they travel, ala English.
Individual fleets may have their own private languages for ritual and private conversation.

Occupying a comparatively small and contiguous area, goblins have one language with a handful of dialects.
Secret language of the priests.

One language for each other three major courts.

It all sounds like grunting, so who can tell?

Trade Tongue: Simple, clear dwarven grammer with a largely elvish vocabulary.
Siltmouth: Bastardised orcish, elvish and a smattering of goblin from Kallazand.