Judge Maruhq

Behaton Maruhq, Learned Judge of the Imperial Justice, Bearer of the Silver Sceptre of Ratiocination and member of the Eyes of the Shar represents a third force in the politics of Aqamenad's government. He is an Imperial Factor, a personally appointed agent of the Shar commissioned to quell the goblin insurrection in the Clashlands, furnished with vast powers to investigate and requisition resources.

Judge Mahruk is a man who treats emotions the same way a lepidopterist treats butterflies: they are to be isolated, pinned and objectively studied. What he lacks in empathy he makes up for tenfold in ambition, which may be one of the reason the Shar was glad to have him hundreds of miles away. Maruhq plans to use his latitude as factor to build a power base in Aqamenad, getting his fingers into the bureaucracy, military, trade castes and houses.

Day to day, he serves as head judge for the city's law courts and as General Aghnad Oqantar's spymaster, using this position to place informants and infiltrators in every level of society.