about the god's purview, portfolio and powers.
Ithalayn's divine provinces include community, tribe, family, marriage, oaths, treaties, contracts, home, shelter, security, vigilance, defence, protection, succour, food and drink, festivals and celebrations, night and the moon.

about the priesthood's role, duties and strictures
Priests of Ithalayn are more likely to be 'homebodies' than those of the other gods, as they treasure the bonds of family and friendship. They are sworn to fidelity, but not necessarily truthfulness; a lie can serve to protect one's tribe, and so is favoured by the Goddess. However, breaking a bond is regarded as a grave failing, so adultery, oathbreaking, violating a contract and treason are held as the highest of sins.

Devout Gifts

  • Bless Gathering: A worshiper of Ithalayn can invoke the Goddess' name and ask Her to grant good fortune and harmony to those attending a communal gathering, such as a meal, family reunion or festival.

Initiate Gifts

  • Bonds of Unity: A more significant invocation of the Goddess combined with the social privilege of an initiate to preside over ceremonies. The bonds of unity are called for to sanctify a group effort or coming together, such as a marriage, a trade contract, peace treaty or - above all - the laying down of a new da'janah. As long as all involved stay true to their vows and exhibit good faith, this blessing grants them better chances of success in their endeavours.
  • Moonsight: Ithalayn may grant initiates into Her priesthood the ability to see by moonlight. A full moon is as good as a blazing sun to them.
  • Watchfire: An initiate can turn a campfire or hearth into a holy ward called a watchfire. A watchfire radiates a subtle holiness that repels wild animals, beings of evil intent and unnatural things (though the more powerful, strong-willed or devious can still manage to approach). If anything that plans harm or could threaten followers of Ithalayn enters the circle of firelight, any members of the faithful are alerted at once.

Ordained Gifts

  • Circle of Protection: A priest of Ithalayn can emanate or inscribe onto the ground a circle of sacred power which grants protection against injury to her allies, and can impede supernatural entities. A circle of protection is also effective at hedging out the possession of human shades.
  • Cords of the Heart: Ithalayn's priesthood can strengthen and enhance the emotional and social bonds between people, bolstering their feelings of friendship, love and loyalty. Those so blessed find their efforts to cooperate, support and encourage or inspire each other more effective.
  • Cover of Night: Under the night sky, priests of Ithalayn can shroud campsites or convoys from detection.
  • Haven Guidance: A priest of Ithalayn can implore the Goddess for a sign that leads to safe shelter or needed sustenance.

High Priest Gifts

  • Bless Home: High priests of the Goddess can work a powerful blessing into a house, ship, or camp, creating an area of holy serenity. Those within are subtly protected from harm of all sorts, and aggressors find their sword-arms, spell-hands or poisoned tongues growing leaden and weary if they try to start trouble.
  • Hand of Ithalayn: A high priest can pray for the Goddess to intervene and shield a person or object from virtually all harm for a brief moment.
  • One Mind: High priests of Ithalayn can foster the unity of a band to a peak of mutual understanding, a group identity so profound they seem to know one another's thoughts.

Hierarch Gifts

  • Providence: Hierarchs of Ithalayn can conjure food and drink out of thin air, whether to feed themselves or an entire army (if they have enough favour with the Goddess). For especially pious priests, worthy causes or after generous sacrifices in Her name, Ithalayn may deign to grant a banquet and wines from her own divine stores, endowing the feasters with physical and spiritual well-being and strength.
  • Sunder: This terrible gift is never invoked without great cause and much soul-searching and prayer. It simply dissolves the bonds in a group - marriages become loveless and distant, comrades fray, friends drift apart, families bicker and break down and even governments fracture and buckle.