Earthmen, Stonemen, The echoes of a failed race
Self-Name: Urmun (singular) urmun (plural), urmun (attributive)
Emotional Affiliation: Fear, Dread, Superstition, Supernatural Awe

Humans became extinct thanks to being largely inferior, before they entirely civilized. Now their gods are all than remains of them, powerless creatures lurking in barren, hidden ruins, caves and long-abandoned camps in fringe lands, ready to vent their savage, uncivilized rage and disappointment on anything that comes near.

In ancient times, some humans learned to don animal skins and partially change their form to that of a beast. This power lingers as were-creatures and shifters, animal-human hybrids more cunning, vicious and dangerous than humans themselves. Now, when a human ghost possesses a member of another race this transformation happens again, and bestial bands of possessed cluster around old human ruins to hear the keening of their gods. Primitive, animistic gods, more angry totems and cave paintings than sentient supernatural beings. A powerful, dangerous force that lurks on the edges of civilisation, in the wilds and forgotten caves and ruins.

"A god outgrown immediately becomes a life-destroying demon. The form has to be broken and the energies released."

  • Jongseh Kobal, Religious Parables of the Wheel



Linguistic Traits

  • Sumerian / 'cavemannish'.


Word/Name List

Arakku, Ashunna, Baddu, Baluz, Darabbu, Dur, Gashlag, Krur, Pakushur, Rabbad, Shakur, Tilab, Udur, Urn, Uthak, Zamah

Barag, Durmuz, Gamush, Hengul, Kug, Shagga, Surhon, Ultash, Umesh

Etana, Gigah, Isha, Kish, Lulim, Nanua, Risu, Sharra, Uhsag