House Quzmet Retainers

House Quzmet's plantation is a slave hungry, bustling place, where there is much work to be done and always too few to do it. Like most orcish households, labour is divided between a low-born orcish household, and a large body of goblin slaves, with the odd exception. Thanks to their proximity to the Chalnfens and the southern Clash, the Quzmet Household sees a near absolute divide, with exclusively orc servants, and exclusively goblin slaves, barring a handful of exceptions. The house is a rich one, and the servants and retainers are, for the most part, proud of their employment with it.

The Household

Dulqan Tarq
The Quzmet family's proud, proper personal valet, Dulqan Tarq's dog-like loyalty is a point of personal pride. Tall, long-faced, sallow, and unnaturally powerful, Tarq sleeps on a stool by the door of the Quzmet chambers, and is glad to be at the beck and call of any of the family with an instant's notice. He is like Gaya's silent, looming shadow, following her just a step behind on her day to day duties, silently pre-empting her every need, to the point that she often forgets he is there, or else mistakes him for some phantom limb. Dulqan does not let the other servants near Gaya except through him, for fear they might usurp his favour.

Nazzar Ozdagar
Dulqan's arch-nemesis is House Quzmet's skinny, cruel-hearted chief cook, Nazzar Ozdagar. Small of stature, and shockingly lean, especially for one who works with food all day every day, the sour-faced cook runs his kitchen like the imperial court, with factions of lesser servants and slaves vying for his favour at every turn. He believes firmly that it is he who is chief amongst the serving staff of the house, and take great pride in his lavish feasts. With long arms, and a ropey, muscular build and face, Nazzar is truly something to behold in a full rage, which occurs at least once daily.

Mulraq Qa'tan
House Quzmet's sour-mouthed master of ceremonies is the ancient and prissy orc Mulraq Qa'tan. His face seems locked in a perpetual sneer of disapproval, and it belies his temperament perfectly. Mulraq is a perfectionist, and even his own work falls under his harsh scrutiny, though at least he occasionally pleases himself. Coming to the end of his days, Mulraq has determined that the proper ceremonies and histories of the house must be passed on, but he can't find a suitable candidate, least of all his apprentice Nazard.

Nazard Zulgan
For his part Nazard is eager to learn, but he also has ambitions above his station, hoping to perhaps charm one of the Quzmet daughters, and earn himself a lucrative and easy marriage with a tenure serving close to the family. Nazard's problem is that he thinks himself a lot more cunning than he is, and most of the household staff have quickly learned that the lank-haired young orc is not to be trusted. Except Mulraq, who refuses to replace him, despite obvious displeasure with his apprentice's progress.

Attanna Madaq
Attanna, House Quzmet's ancient and forceful nursemaid has been the stern, matronly force in the lives of the Quzmet children that their mother has not. Quick with the back of her hand, or her strap, she has educated and disciplined every one of Gaya's children, and sees the faults in them that their mother will not. Not given to mincing words, this small orc seems much larger than her height, and her girth more than makes up for any deficiencies of verticality.

Qahil Bazari
Meanwhile the other relic of the children's younger days is their odd - perhaps unhinged - tutor. Qahil was an accomplished historian, a writer with much work to his name, and a researcher when he came to Pitqeylon. He was a fine tutor, but something over the years changed him. He became nervous and high strung, often distracted, and now his mind seems to dash about like a small bird, never lighting on one thought for long. Only in his middle years, his behaviour is more like that of a man far more venerable than himself.

Taraqil Madaq
Husband to Attanna is House Quzmet's sweltering mountain of a master of the guard Taraqil. This monster shares his wife's girth, but near doubles her height, and his brow and jowls are constantly moist with effort. But while Taraqil might be comical to look upon, struggling with his ceremonial armour, he is not to be taken lightly. His bellow quells even the rowdiest warriors, and his monstrous hands could crush a lesser man's skull - and look to have.

Hassad Aahram
House Quzmet's retiring groundskeeper is the quiet, gentle and collected Hassad. More at home on his own, humming some disjointed tune than in company, and he is near catatonic in large crowds. Hassad is something of an oasis in a desert of intrigue, he is uncomplicated because he chooses to be, and somehow everyone, from the slaves to the masters, seem to recognize and respect his choice to distance himself from whatever dramas unfold in the house.

The Slaves

Urgur the Scourge
The whip-happy slavemaster Urgur the Scourge is not a big orc, and nor is he cunning, and so he resorts to the whip to assert his authority as often as he can. Urgur has been given a task - to keep the slaves in line and to keep them working - and he has little ambition beyond this. He likes to drink, to eat, and to be left alone, and he will not brook interruption of the routine of his life. And the more interrupted things are, the more he cracks the whip.

Embok Tarji
House Quzmet's black-minded, sharp-tongued chief slave is Embok Tarji. A clever goblin, even amongst his own kind, Embok worked out quickly that it was better to be on the side of the masters than the slaves, and he tempers Urgur's simpler nature with his sly methods. Embok knows how to placate both sides to serve his own needs, and knows keeping the slaves down, and Urgur's favour serves him best. Even Urgur knows that were Embok to taste the whip, the retribution would be terrible.

Banrejo is a clever goblin slave-priest of Sumin Pram. He was born and raised on the plantation, and knows the ways of orcish life better than captured newcomers, and also the ways that a slave can be free, without offending his masters. But more than that, he is part of a long legacy of goblins keeping their culture alive, even in captivity, and is connected with many hidden goblins cells in the Clashing Flats. If Embok leads the slaves, Banrejo is their keeper, and the chief slave knows it. But Embok is not traitor enough to betray his own, and so to most Banrejo is just another old slave.