House Quzmet

House Quzmet is a mercantile and plantation concern in the Clashing Flats, based in Pitqeylon. They are one of three major houses in the region (alongside Houses Zaqar and Sharm) and their massive, slave-hungry plantations produce all manner of crops, as well as diverse textiles, and of course wine and spirits, all to supply the garrison at Sixtytables. The house itself is widespread, having trader cousins and aunts and uncles scattered across the Clashlands, in Aqamenad, and even holdings offices in Bulsharippur, but the core family is the brood of Haqoam and Gaya, based in their balmy plantation on the banks of Lake Chalke. Once the Quzmets had exclusive rights to the entire Lake Chalke basin, and the northern border of the Goblinfens, until a band of Zagar-controlled magistrates amended an Imperial writ to that effect some four generations ago. Now the House's fortunes are slowly fading.

Like most great orcish houses, House Quzmet is ruled by its eldest members - in this case the pairing of Gaya and Haqoam. However should both of them die, the family will move in and pass it to the next eldest, and a sort of family trusteeship continues in this form, with the next head of the house bringing their family to occupy the vast estates. Thus Haqoam and Gaya's heirs are only to their personal fortune (a still considerable one) and not the House itself, which is a much larger entity.

The Parents

Haqoam Quzmet
The largely absent patron of House Quzmet is the indomitable Hazoam Quzmet, directly descended from Loam Quzmet himself. Haqoam, like many patrons, serves a ranking military post, and is stationed at present in far away Shelvihar, where he commands a sizeable garrison. Now and then he will make the perilous journey through the infested Goblin Swamp to return home, but his visits are years apart. News that reaches the family paints the picture of a stern taskmaster, and manful drill instructor, feared and respected in equal measure amongst the warriors in his charge.

Gaya Quzmet
This leaves Gaya Quzmet in charge of the House's assets, and as head of the large brood of Quzmet children. Gaya is every inch the mother-figure to everyone on the plantation, not just her own. A woman of great stature, booming voice, and towering dignity, her capacity for tenderness and care comes as a surprise to many. But this has not dulled her in any way, and as a negotiator, and a trader she holds her own in a competitive, often ruthless marketplace.

The Children

Goale Quzmet
Goale is the chosen Quzmet son and heir to the vast fortunes of the House (assuming that his uncle Gashak does not outlive Haqoam), and all of its lands and assets. Based in Aqemenad, in order to conduct the business of the House in the political and economic hub of the Clash. Goale only became heir a few years ago, after his brother Doshaq was crippled in personal combat, but he always secretly believed that he was the better choice. Diligent, proud and not a little dismissive, Goale believes that he will lead House Quzmet to dominate trade in the Clash, and fully expects to be Satrap-General of the Clashlands before the middle of his life.

Ozge Quzmet
Ozge is the first born daughter of Gaya's one brood, and third eldest overall (a distinction that matters more to her than to orcish culture in general). Ozge knows that her lot in life is to be married, to strengthen unions with other families, or with military officers, and she has devoted herself to enjoying the luxuries afforded her by her station, and to dreaming about who her husband may be. At present she hopes for a gallant soldier - a war hero, and heir to a fortune, deposed by his evil uncle, returning to reclaim what is his. She will likely be most put out to find that the lead contenders are, almost universally, middle-aged merchants.

Zaida Quzmet
The fractious, brooding black sheep of the Quzmet brood is Zaida. Born with a foul temper and dark eyes, she prefers her own company, and is more than willing to offend to get her own way. Zaida detests all of her siblings, has little respect for her doting mother, and adores her father. She is given to long sullen periods, and spells of petulant temper, and her mother often chides her for being cruel to the slaves.

Maliq Quzmet
Maliq may be the most junior of his siblings, but this has done nothing to lessen his standing in his own eyes. Absurdly proud of his flawless ivory tusks, square jaw, and noble features, and especially of his long silken hair, which he braids with bands of silver, his vanity might be what first strikes a person about the proud Maliq, but the second is his skill. Ever training with the finest arms master, he prides himself on being one of the finest warriors in the Lake Chalke region, striking like lightening with his massive scimitar, and one day soon he may be right. Quick to take offence, Maliqu has thrown down many a challenge, and has been beaten few enough times to count one one hand.

Faroohq Quzmet
Little Faroohq is the runt of the Quzmet brood - every orcish litter has them - and because of this he is his mother's undeniable favourite. And he knows it. Faroohq has become mischievous, he knows that he will not be a soldier, nor sold in a profitable marriage, and that Goale will have to keep him in fine manner until he dies, and he knows that in his mother's eyes he can do no wrong, so the little orc delights in playing tricks on his siblings, and embarrass them. In his own worlds 'bringing them down to runt-height'.

Doshaq Quzmet
Once the heir of the Quzmet line, Doshaq was driven. He was a ruthless, naturally talented trader, and an expert at turning a deal to his advantage, or a person to his side. Not merely clever, Doshaq was cunning, and when a powerful man is also cunning there is little stopping him. Sadly for Doshaq, the last time has father Haqoam visited the Quzmet sons competed in mock combat, and Doshaq cut his brother Maliq's face with a backhand stroke Maliq considered dishonourable. Maliq responded with a sundering blow that crippled Doshaq, leaving his right eye blind, his arm near useless, and his speech horribly slurred. He lost his post as heir, and he has since become bitter, quick to anger, and complacent.

Distant Family

Gashak Skal-Quzmet
The next in line to rule House Quzmet is Gashak, younger brother of Haqoam. Gashak represents the house's interests in Bulsharippur at present, but he has been known to pass the Daalands at great expense to make sure that "something will remain to me when my brother answers Zulqarmando's summons". Acid tongued and sardonic, Gashak is not well liked, and during his visits great care is taken to impress this rheumy uncle. Many suspect his chances of outliving the still-vital Haqoam are narrow however.

Other members of the House include a number of ranking veterans at Sixtytables, and other major garrisons throughout the Clash, and even a few suspected to be ranking members of the Lead Brotherhood. The Quzmets seem to be inclined to take to military service, and the house has benefited from an influx of cheap slaves thanks to its connections to the forces systematically oppressing the Goblin Swamp to the south. Hazoam Quzmet's old trade route closely parallels the bloody road, and many Quzmets still march the trail he marked, guarding goods and soldiers who cannot make the trip through the mountains.

Household Worship

The worship of Hazoam Quzmet, progenitor of the line, is somewhat unusual amongst a flood of similar deified progenitors, famed for their skills at war, exploration, and trade, for Hazoam was the orc who blazed the bloody road.