Ghost Lights

Eerie balls of light commonly found around marshes, especially the Chalnfens. Known as chhir bati amongst goblins, who attribute them to lost souls wandering the swamps; called dragoneyes, wisps, fool's fire or lantern spirits to others. There are actually several unrelated causes that are believed to manifest in a similar phenomena:

  • Beacons used by goblin sorcerers and priests to send messages and guide or mislead travellers in the swamps.
  • A type of large and vicious predatory firefly.
  • Evanescent living energy created when scyntium burns up in the atmosphere.
  • Sorcerous eyes emitted by marsh dragons to search for prey while they lurk in the sediment of stagnant ponds.
  • Luminescent marsh gas. Seriously, just marsh gas.

The truce between an orcish garrison in the Fens and goblin village was broken when the orcs saw a swarm of ghost lights and assumed they were fire-arrows being prepared.