Concept: A dryad general haunted by the atrocities he committed at the siege of an orcish town.

Goals: Campaign-wise, nothing specific. The initial basis suggested by Dolacus's behaviour is a 'walking the earth' sort of thing, roaming around seeking trouble to intervene, problems to solve and redemption for himself, which could segue into just about any sort of plotline imaginable.

Background: Dolacus grew in the archonate of Redmarrow in the Rhegien Marches, a coalition of archonates along the fringe of the Golden Court where it bordered the Padishar Empire. Even as a greenling he was larger than most of his brothers and sisters, but his pleasant and placid demeanour kept him from overshadowing or imposing himself on any of them. Dolacus was drawn to stonecraft; his size and strength made quarrying work easy, and the patience and precision of masonry appealed to his personality.

Seeking to improve his skills he petitioned the archon Redmarrow to permit him to travel, and when his request was granted he set off into the Shaange Mountains. Dolacus studied with dwarven miners and masons, spending several years as an apprentice in the city of Raamolgud learning from masters of the craft. By the time he returned, he was acclaimed as the finest architect, carver and stonemason in the Rhegien Marches.

For many years - indeed, centuries - he worked in contentment, planning and constructing monumental structures in the dryad way. Beyond the eaves of the Brambwyn Woods, though, things were stirring. The Padishar Empire was rousing itself from a period of civil strife, and once again the orcs turned their eyes hungrily outside their own borders. Soldiers began encroaching on the forest with fire and axe, camp and fortress, great slave-mills devoured lumber and the woodlands were replaced with fields and plantations. Goldencrown, archon-of-archons of the Golden Court was slow to react to the threat, but the archons of the Rhegien Marches had foreseen it coming for a long time, and were ready with their answer: war. Swift as they could, albeit fairly slowly by the standards of the other races, the archons mobilised their children and kin for battle. With weapons of flint and obsidian, beaten copper and bartered iron, the dryads marched, Dolacus amongst them.

The ensuing Rhegien War was full of cruelty and bloodshed, back-and-forth struggles between the innumerable orcish legions and the relentless dryad hosts, but ultimately it is but a small footnote in the military history of Zenth, one of the many occasions where they Empire's advance was halted - for a time, at least. At first, Dolacus served in the vanguard, wielding his iron-bound greatclub as they marched through newly-sewn fields and overran defenseless plantations and villages. As the dryads reached the places where the ever-industrious orcs had fortified their settlements and where the legions had established strongholds, he was recalled to the ranks of the siege engineers. His knowledge of masonry proved as useful in destruction as in construction, and he soon rose to command a full host of besiegers. Dryad siege tactics were slow and relentless, like a root that cracks a paving stone. As they needed only sunlight and water they were able to wait out any garrison, no matter how well provisioned - a fact that the orcs were well aware of, so they deployed swift assault companies to break such sieges. When it came to breaking walls, the dryads would use forceful patience; battering rams, siege-levers, and vines and roots that were cultivated to grow quickly, worming their way between the masonry blocks of fortifications and pull them apart. The orcs responded with salted earth, alchemical poisons and moats of flame to keep the dryads or their plants from getting close enough to try this.

These opposing siege tactics meant that the battles were precarious, coming down to chance more often than good strategy. When Dolacus was placed in charge of the siege of Yaulbridge, the command post for the newly-conquered province, he devised a new tactic that proved decisive in breaking the Empire's hold - and in breaking his will. Dolacus had his engineers build a double-line of stones from the nearby river to as close as they could get to the walls of Yaulbridge. He worked the project himself, always under fire from orcish arrows and ballistas, until they had built a new channel from the river to the town. They he had the river's bank's breached, and let it thunder down the channel into the town. The orcs were unprepared for this, and the surging waters burst through their defences, flooding the town itself and drowning civilians who had taken shelter in the cellars. As the walls broke like an over-full dam the dryad host surged in, triumph and hate filling them with a terrible frenzy. The Sack of Yaulbridge was a brutal massacre conducted waist-deep in filthy river water that soon became a frothing cauldron of blood. Dolacus and his men killed soldiers and civilians alike, men, women and children, slaves of every non-dryad race without pity or pause.

When the bloodlust faded, Dolacus was shocked by what he had done, what he had commanded be done - and shocked that it had been so easy and felt so right at the time. He had killed and torn down walls before, of course, but it was the suddenness and totality of the Sack of Yaulbridge and the massacre of its citizens that tore away the callous bark earned in battle and revealed the depths of his atrocity. The victorious hosts returned home, and Dolacus was bedecked with the laurel leaves of victory, and songs were composed in his name. His guilt, shame, blood-haunted memories and revulsion at the way he was lauded for his deeds broke his will, and he cast off the laurels and honours and fled from Redmarrow and the Rhegien Marches, seeking… redemption? Punishment? Peace? Even he does not know.


Redmarrow: The archon's prime concern is to maintain the readiness and morale of her people, as she knows the orcs will eventually turn their gaze to the Brambwyn Woods again. She did not stop Dolacus from fleeing, as making him openly air his views would damage the legend that has built up around him, which inspires the dryads to stay watchful and strong. Still, having him wander around lamenting his deeds may also injure morale if word of it returns to the Marches, so she weighs up the risks and rewards of exiling him, forcing him to return - or silencing him permanently.
Tanacel: A younger friend of Dolacus, Tanacel is a bard of deep and moving skill. He played the lyre beautifully in the long lazy mornings of their youth, and the drum fiercely when they marched to war. Tanacel was also moved by the Sack of Yaulbridge - but he liked it. He has become a carnifex, the leader of a death-cult of fellow veterans of the Rhegien War who continue to eke out blood and terror on the other races, indiscriminately. Now his lyre is made of bone and strung with sinew, and his drum covered in orcish skin.


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

Interpretation: (Stats include modifiers for Middle Aged). I didn't roll for Str and End, I assumed natural 12's for both (now assume 20s for both) - I want him to be BIG, about 9 feet tall (8' 2" with the current formulae, I may still make the variable number larger though). Conveniently, I also rolled a natural 2 for Agi, so he's also slow and cumbersome, which definitely fits. Although his Agi sucks his Dex and Init are fine, so he's not clumsy and his reactions can take people who are expecting him to be sluggish by surprise (keep in mind he'll be a combat monster with strength like that and average dex, so he'd be pretty good without having to overly hone his skills). He's also fairly attractive for a dryad, I guess? (one might take that to mean he's not as frightening as some can be, certainly that he's more approachable) Mental stats are all good, except for Per… maybe that comes from being distracted by his thoughts and memories, or habitual focus on stone,which isn't renowned for being something you need to keep an eye on (or just down to something his size making a lot of disturbance moving around, meaning smaller noises, vibrations, or low to the ground individuals would be easier to miss). Or he's just dim, sense-wise. Good Wis, which suits given that his signature bit of backstory is an innovative tactical move. Not very personable, but more reasonable than the average dryad. I think his Brav and Lead could stand to be a touch higher (these could conceivably be bumped up with judicious specialties, but I'd suggest high bravery isn't an asset in a good tactician. The best tacticians tend to be brash, yes, but the good ones know caution is better than confidence, and generals don't always do the leading up front and personal, especially if he's the more contemplative, retiring sort, who lets his credentials and ranks speak for him rather than force of personality. Perhaps he's the sort to work with a loud sergeant major type, using his extensive knowledge and leaving relaying his orders to others).