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War of the Jewel
Fruitful Vancyllia and the Greedy Goblins
The Following Shadow
Taleskiar Far-Walking
City of Stones (why elves don't settle down)
Nomadic goat and yak-herding dwarves, expert climbers
Dragons: stories that grow in the telling (Thassanid's Bane, Pillager of Yaulbridge)

16x14 map gird

Orcs build great slave-rowed galleys, veritable floating wooden fortresses, their holds bulging with crops and resources that the elves nippy Ma'Janah can sail circles around. Dryads would loathe the ocean, except the Mangrove Court who can tolerate the salt. I have a hard time picturing the goblins building more than canoes… or perhaps they're actually adept sailors like the Polynesians, building great outriggers and catamarans. Maybe the goblins cooperate with the Mangrove Court, the dryads there helping shape living wood into canoes, and the goblins crewing the ocean-going canoes or their Secret-priests serving as navigators. Dwarves could make pumice rafts for navigating rivers and lakes, but I don't see them as good swimmers or seafarers.

Character Concepts
Garruk, varaorg barbarian
XYZ, Sinbad the sailor-type explorer.
Oathbow, Path Gambler, Dream Summoner, Mage of the Ocean, Mercenary Heretic
Chimir, A goblin orphan torn between his adopted orcish family and the cause of the liberation of his people.
Dolacus, A dryad general haunted by the atrocities he committed at the siege of an orcish town.
Roqahn, An orc cataphract, sponsored by and fighting for the glory of his caste.
Sajaan, A dwarven monk seeking a legendary source of enlightenment.

Taroq Quhl, Equal of Defence (diamondsteel, livesteel armour)
Sarochee, Equal of Diplomacy
elven water-witch, equal of infrastructure
dwarven binder, equal of chains

The Doom of Zaguristra

Hu'or, Hatred's Cleaver (more accurate,more critical hits the more you hate the target; heavy, sharp, hard)
Armour of Many Skins (patches of animal and monster hide, grants the powers of creatures)
Wishstone (makes wishes come true - but makes parts of reality disappear)
Curul, Spinal Staff (necromantic staff made of vertebrae)
Storm's Bough (charred limb from eldest archon)
Great Wheel of Darkness (corrupted prayer wheel that confuses and fosters sin)
Turgan Dragoneater's Horn (spreads fear, enhances magic)
Bone flute, controls animals
Whalecaller Stone, magic sphere that telepathically draws cetaceans
Screaming Shield

Onyxglass lake, window of the dead
Corpsechoke, goblin city
Dolacus, huge wandering dryad warrior
Commuath, dryad builder of root-walls, communities
Haeganus, yew-poisonous dryad sage
The Greenwall, garrison against the nothern deserts

Dagu, ritualised elven poetry greeting to exchange news between tribes.

Cairn of the Cannibals
Bones of the Heroes

Mill Barons

Wurm's Worth
Robber and Monkey
Giant's Sword

The Dragon of Light, Lhair Vil-chhon / Lhair Seumron

Continent B
Name: Seyren?
Structure: Continent? Island-continent cluster? Archipelago?
The humans here did not go extinct in prehistory; instead they abandoned their gods after discovering the power of magic. They built a mighty empire fuelled by blood sacrifice (Mesoamerican / Mesopotamian). THEN they went extinct. The races here are not related to the Races of the Wheel: they are are human subspecies, offshoots created by magical tampering, or separate races in their own right.

  • Halflings: 'Cityfolk'. Smaller, so they need less food and less space. Urban adapted.
  • Rockmen: Men of rock. Also, women of rock. Awakened elemental spirits / elemental spirit descendants.
  • Birdmen?

A hidden, extradimensional/time-displaced city