Desolate Margins

An area once occupied by the most 'civilised' human 'nation'. Ancient Sumerian aesthetic. Desolate margin created as a dead buffer zone to protect the ziggurat city of Nur from invaders. Massive, warped monument to Tahhmut, god of power. Area is lousy with shifters, petty warlords and renegades.


Site of the Black City, the most powerful, feared and influential city-state of sorcerers in history. Ruled by the Inconnu, five anonymous, masked magians. Council of five, model of the later Equals of Zaguristra. Their power resides in their masks; anyone donning one can be possessed by the spirit of the Inconnu to whom it belonged. Used magic freely to grow, conquer and extend its reach, almost certainly influenced by the proximity of Tahhmut's godfall. Harnessed the power of the Doom. Menaced the Great Basin and surrounds until challenged and defeated by the Shining Alliance of orcs, dwarves and dryads. Zaguristra exists largely as a statement against the Black City; many of its policies and protocols are designed to prevent the rise of another realm of sorcerer-tyrants… even as their monopoly on sorcery leads them in that very direction.

Barren, volcanically active land. Slight Morrowind meets magical Mad Max meets sheer fucking wasteland feel. Warping magical fields, ruins submerged in ash, 'weird fantasy' creatures and aesthetics.


Home to the black elves, ebon skinned descendants of the elite guards of the Black City, magically mutated to allow them to thrive in the harsh land. They have mastered the secrets of tempering obsidian to create weapons as tough as bronze, but able to take a finer edge than any steel. A grim, watchful people who seek to prevent anyone uncovering the secrets of the Black City, either to prevent the return of the Inconnu… or because they still hold true to their memory.