Campaign For Kith Or Kin

Player's Campaign Resource

Setting(s): Pitqeylon, the Clashlands
Genre: Aspiration/Conspiracy

Dramatis Personae

Chimir, Goblin orphan taken in by Orcs, Protagonist
Gaya Quzmet, Chimir's adoptive mother, absent-minded matron of House Quzmet, Supporting Character
Banrejo, Chimir's secret mentor, a clever goblin slave-priest of Sumin Pram, Supporting Character
Chhiri, Chimir's thought-sister, and a skilled Red Mantis assassin, Supporting Character
Nazzar Ozdagar, House Quzmet's skinny, cruel-hearted chief cook, Supporting Character
Attanna Madaq, House Quzmet's ancient and matronly nursemaid, Supporting Character
Qahil Bazari, House Quzmet's deranged doctor, Supporting Character
Mulraq Qa'tan, House Quzmet's sour-mouthed master of ceremonies, Supporting Character
Nazard Zulgan, Mulraq's eager and ambitious apprentice, Supporting Character
Taraqil Madaq, House Quzmet's sweltering mountain of a master of the guard, Supporting Character
Hassad Aahram, House Quzmet's retiring groundkeeper, Supporting Character
Dulqan Tarq, The Quzmet family's proud, proper personal valet, Supporting Character
Urgur the Scourge, House Quzmet's whip-happy slavemaster, Supporting Character
Embok Tarji, House Quzmet's black-minded, sharp-tongued chief slave, Supporting Character
Haqoam Quzmet, Absentee patron of House Quzmet, away serving his military duty, Supporting Character
Goale Quzmet, The chosen Quzmet son and heir, based in Aqemenad conducting house business, Supporting Character
Ozge Quzmet, First daughter of House Quzmet, Supporting Character
Zaida Quzmet, Fractious black sheep of the Quzmet brood, Supporting Character
Maliq Quzmet, Vain and proud aspiring warrior, Supporting Character
Faroohq Quzmet, The runt of the Quzmet brood, Supporting Character
Doshaq Quzmet, Bitter former heir, crippled by Maliq in mock combat, Supporting Character

Back Story

Chimir was born in the village of Locsolcar, near the orcish settlement of Reedmarch in the northern fringes of the occupied Chalnfens. But when the orcish garrison commander of Reedmarch was tired of his patrols ambushed by rebels, he decided to turn Locsolcar into an example. The goblins that resisted were butchered, and the rest shackled and dragged off to the slave markets of the Clashlands, Chimir amongst them, where Gaya Quzmet, the matriarch of the up-and-coming House Quzmet, a mercantile and plantation concern in the Clashing Flats, purchased him in an act of motherly compassion. Able to convince her husband that a domestic slave would be helpful to her, Chimir was set to work cleaning, fetching and carrying, helping Gaya with whatever needed doing. Within a year, she freed him and the token shackles a domestic slave wore were removed. Chimir became a servant rather than a slave, a butler in the employ of the Quzmet household, and Gaya strove to become more like a foster mother to him. She taught him to read and nurtured him like one of her own children (though she had dozens of her own). With his keen, analytical goblin mind he proved adept at numbers, and soon became the main book-keeper for the House. Chimir returned her affections as best he could, but he was conflicted; he could not forget he had had a mother of his own, and that he was not an orc, and would never truly be one of the family.

Used as mediator and messenger between the Household and the goblin slaves, the young goblin felt rejected by his own race, until one of the elder slaves, Banrejo, offered him a kind hand and took it upon himself to reacquaint the wayward youth with his origins and people, and in the dead of night, he also taught Chimir some of the techniques of assassination and stealth so many goblins learn from the cradle. The priest was able to sow confusion and doubt in the boy's mind, but not convince him fully; Chimir still remembered the pain and fear and violence of his training and education in the arts of death as a youth, and it contrasted poorly with the fierce, almost smothering love and protection of the Quzmets who had adopted him.

And so Chimir stands, balanced on the knife's edge between two worlds. Gaya on one side, Banrejo on the other. To the rebels he is a potentially useful pawn, the trust the orcs place in him giving him access they could use to work their deadly craft. To the authorities his connection and understanding of goblin ways could give them an infiltrator into the insurgents' camps.