Cairnfire Cape

Between the Bay of Corsairs and the Chalnfens, the western coast of Zenth is lined with mysterious stone markers. Piles of weathered stones, some as tall as a goblin, some as an orc, others taller still dot the cliffs, headlands and coastal hills for a thousand leagues, placed between ten and thirty miles apart. They are built from local materials and by day seem part of the landscape, but at night their most wondrous aspect is revealed: they burn with silent, heatless, coloured flames. The cairnlights burn with as many hues as their are in the nebula above, changing each night in some unknowable pattern, and can be seen from a great distance. The largest cairn, called Tyrant's Vigil is three hundred feet tall and lies on Anger's Step, the wedge of rock between Khlan Island and the mainland

There are numerous myths and legends about the cairns. Orcish explorers and invaders assumed they were some goblin trickery, but other scholars, sorcerers and locals have varying opinions. Some think they are shrines to the dire human gods; others that they are ancient ensorcelled lighthouses of the elves, to guide their ships when typhoons wreak Hal'Ashan's Sea. In the bars of Aqamenad it is said they are a warding fence against foul spirits from the water, while the most sagacious elven captains suspect they are markers left by visitors from the shadowed lands far, far across the ocean to the west. The cairnlights have saved countless ships from coming to jagged grief on the coast, but every sailor knows stories of lights that have blinked out when their guidance was needed the most, so few have absolute trust in them. Inhabitants of the Clashlands tend to be wary of the cairns, but it is known that wild animals are very leery of approaching them while the burn, so the cairns often become campsites for those travelling along the coastline by land routes. While they may seek shelter in their illumination, locals avoid interfering with the cairns, and tales about the horrible fates that befell those that dismantled them for building materials or to study their magical essence are an integral part of the myth.