Some of the animals, monsters and other beings to be found on Zenth.


Alabaster crabs, crustaceans of the Sea of Salt with precious shells.
Blackgullet leeches, bloodsucking worms of the Chalnfens that preferentially drink tainted blood. Apothecaries value them as a treatment for posion.
Brine otters, inquisitive mammals of the Sea of Salt.
Horned eels, tusked serpentine fish of the Sea of Salt.
Orox, a large bovine of the Great Basin and beyond. Resembling the aurochs and water buffalo. Long domesticated by orcs, the wild specimens are aggressive and dangerous.
Six-eyed swamp spider, not the largest, not the most venemous, but most feared and respected arachnid of the Chalnfens.
Soaring shark, a predator of the Tradewind Ocean.
Striderbird, elf-sized domesticated (but still ornery) flightless birds with wicked beaks. Herded for their meat and feathers, they are also sometimes used as beasts of burden or more rarely as mounts. They can't carry much, but can keep up with a running elf. Found all over the northern regions from the Bay of Corsairs to the Samdar Vapa and in the Brambwyn Wood.


Dragons, powerful serpentine beasts that grow larger and more intelligent as they shed.
The Five Untameables, the gryphon, the tarrasq, the mantiqor, the lammasu and the chimera; five leonine monsters.

Other Sapient Races and Supernatural Beings

Atavars, degenerate forms of the Races of the Wheel created by the corruption of the human gods.
The D'mon, wish-benders, torture-smiths, arcane beings of elegant power and infinite cruelty.
Ghost Lights, wisp-like balls of brightness with disparate causes.
Nagas, creatures with goblin heads and torsos on snake tails. Seen as emissaries of the goblin gods; possibly mythical.
Shifters, animalistic humanoids spawned by the human gods.
The Undead, the various ways corpses can comeback to haunt the living.